Christmas Singles Dance Party

Christmas Singles Dance Party + 40 Crowd @ The Grand Luxe Ballroom

When: Saturday December 16th
Time: 7.30pm -12.30am
Location: The Grand Luxe Ballroom 3125 Bayview Ave
Entry: $25

Christmas Singles Dance Party Saturday December 16th 7.30pm -12.30 The Grand Luxe Ballroom 3125 Bayview Ave Join us for this special time of the year. Join in the fun for the return of our 33rd annual Christmas Dance Party. This is your perfect opportunity to get dressed up in your holiday attire. and have a great time dancing. Surrounded by holiday decorations, you will have fun dancing the night away. There will be lots of holiday pastries on each table. Free Parking More info @ 416 236 8222. Peter and Diane .

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An Evening Out at a Singles Dance Party

Whether you come out to dance or simply to have a Saturday night out or an opportunity to meet that special someone, you will find yourself in an upscale venue for a great night out. Many of our guests have met their partners at our dances in the past. These couples continue to come out for an evening out. They still enjoy dancing together or seeing some old friends and maintaining the friendships they have created over the years. Many of our guests have created a circle of friends that they look forward to seeing each week. Meetups

Our guests also have the opportunity to meet new people through SPN Meetup where you can reserve in advance or simply sit at one of our Meetup tables designed for individuals new to our events. Simply look for the red Meetup signs on the designated tables. You can introduce yourself to the others on arrival and easily meet some new people.

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