A guide to meeting new friends at the Dances

SPN wants you to have with the right tools to help you truly shine when you attend events like ours. So, in the spirit of making your experience smooth, fun and easy, we’ve outlined some tips that come from over 20 years of hosting singles events.

Make Connections

Whether you’re outgoing and ready to approach people, or shy and reserved, doesn’t matter — what matters is that you have an open, inviting aura.

That means you see the other people in the room as  kind and approachable individuals.  Acknowledge the people around you in a kind and friendly manner, whether it’s just a tiny smile or a nod or someone or inviting you to dance.

Tips Approaching Someone New

Approach people. Say hi. Tell them your name. Invite them to dance. Be totally okay if they decline or seem unenthusiastic. They might not be in the mood, or simply want to sit back and enjoy the music, and that’s okay.

The words “no thank you” are not bad or hurtful, they’re just a vote of confidence saying “good for you for having confidence, you’ll find a match soon with that attitude!”

Be Yourself

Why? Because people can get a sense of you, and people like people who be themselves unapologetically. Dance to the music or simply sit back and enjoy the music and atmosphere,  eat and drink what you want, dance how you want. By doing so, it gives others permission to be themselves too.

We Care

We’ve had the pleasure of uniting many, many couples and helping people breathe new connections, youthfulness, and more enjoyment  into their lives.

We want you to have fun, easy times when you party with us, so let us know if there is anything we can do to make your time with us even better!