Places To Go for the 30 and up crowd

HOTToronto Magazine

If the weekend is more in tune with your schedule, how about The Single Professionals’ Network. The social event of the season, no matter what season it is.

Ten years ago Peter and Diane saw a need for the upwardly mobile single, over thirty, to have a place where they could get together with others much like themselves. Something more than a street dance or a drop in, to attract the clientele the Baby Boomer Generation had become. If they were going to get all dressed up and venture out on their own, they needed a really nice place to go.

It was a genius of an idea and “The Single Professionals’ Network” was born. A social club for singles to meet other interesting unattached men and women. Their events provide an opportunity build a circle of friends where you can meet and feel welcome. They also strive to hold their functions in upscale settings where you can enjoy the surroundings of some of the most prestigious addresses around town.

From The Boulevard Club on the Lakeshore to The Old Mill. From The Old Mill to the Crowne Plaza to The Chelsea Inn. Doors usually open at 8:00. Admission is $12.00. There is always a huge crowd, looking forward to dancing the tunes from the 60’s to the present. His ten year track record shows it is a success, but keep an eye on Peter, he likes to play match maker as he hops from table to table, making conversation and encouraging introductions.

No matter what area of the city you are in, Peter hosts a dance in that area. So go ahead, spoil yourself, get dressed up and come join the party, come out and become part of the party. Come to the social event of the season, no matter what season it is. To find out where the next event is being held, contact Peter Finch at 416-236-8222.

Susan Davieau