The dating game

The Toronto Starby Judy Steed

The Single Professionals’ Network is involved in the Relationship Adventure, a project started by the The Toronto Star! Over the next 4 to 6 months, the Star will report on 20 single people as they try to meet someone special in their life. We met the particpants last week at the Toronto Star as the chosen 20 had their pictures taken.

The dating game

They wrote. We chose. They’re nervous, excited. Now meet 20 people who have won a chance at love in the 2006 Get A Relationship Challenge!

“But first I have to tell you the response has been overwhelming. We received about 500 letters from readers who wanted to be part of our 2006 Get A Relationship Challenge. I read every letter, and I’m frankly amazed by the diversity, interests and accomplishments of everyone who wrote in, by your insights and willingness to let down your guard and open your hearts. Such honesty, such vulnerability in your search for “the one.” It’s truly inspiring…”

For that reason alone we expanded the pool of participants from six to 20. We will follow them for four to six months as they explore the singles scene with the help of dating services paid for by the Star.

It’s a lucrative market, prompting the rapid growth of companies ranging from traditional matchmakers to event organizers who set up dances, dinner parties and even skydiving expeditions.

We’re talking about a demographic that has flown under the radar. Close to one-third of adults in most major North American cities, including Toronto, live alone. And, according to a recent Harlequin survey, 75 per cent are afraid to make the first move when they meet someone they like.

That means a lot of people need some help, just like our participants. Lets meet the winners.